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What Are the Duties of a Human Relations Officer?

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A human relations officer is generally responsible for maintaining strong relationships between business management and employees or government and the community. Although a human relations officer’s work activities can vary based on the sector he works in, most positions require several common areas of knowledge and expertise as well as specific job duties.

General Duties

The main duty of a human relations officer is to successfully interact and communicate with employees of a business or citizens of a community. The general goal is to ensure a diverse and conflict-free workplace. Much of the work is administrative in nature (developing presentations, providing training, writing memos and keeping records, for example). Human relations officers have the ability to help clarify and teach tolerance and acceptance in the workplace and community.

Job Duties (Non-governmental)

If a person is employed as a human relations officer in a non-governmental agency, she is mainly responsible for working with various departments within the company to ensure polices and procedures are followed. These policies range from hiring and working conditions, to equal opportunity and performance. She must be able to promote equality as well as diversity in the workplace and handle any complaints between employees and/or management. She is also responsible for enforcing any type of disciplinary action if policies are violated.

In this position, she also develops job descriptions, reviews resumes and conducts job interviews. A human relations officer may undertake annual performance reviews and issue promotions or raises. She also creates and conducts training seminars on everything from sexual harassment to improving working conditions.

Job Duties (Governmental)

If a person is employed by a government agency, his role may include the duties above or may be more focused on building a relationship between the agency and the citizens of the community it represents. In this capacity, he will develop, implement and oversee certain community programs. He will also work to resolve any discrimination or human rights violation claims that may be made by the public against the agency or community.

A human relations officer is also responsible for keeping the public informed of any changes in policy and helps businesses and other organizations understand and promote diversity and strong community service.

He also must understand and interpret laws and policies in order to explain them to citizens, organizations and businesses.


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