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What Are the Job Functions of a Human Relations Manager?

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In many organizations, the term "human relations" is used interchangeably with "human resources" or "labor relations" and refers to activities concerning recruitment, pay, working conditions, communications and performance management. A human relations manager also oversees implementation of equality legislation and diversity and inclusion policies. In many public institutions, such as governments and universities, the human relations department exclusively enforces anti-discrimination legislation and promotes equal opportunities.

Policy Development

As a human relations manager you would be responsible for establishing and overseeing polices that ensure federal and state equality laws are followed by your employer. These policies are usually set by a committee, which you would lead. Policies would include anti-discrimination and harassment standards and requirements for maintaining confidentiality of personal information.

Education and Training

As a human relations manager you would be responsible for organizing or possibly leading training courses on equality and anti-discrimination. These could include training on how to conduct job interviews, draft job descriptions and write job advertisements that are not discriminatory. Your department might also offer courses on recognizing indirect discrimination and ways to promote positive action.

Conflict resolution

Your department would also deal with workplace disputes, especially when someone feels he's been treated unfairly. In some cases, you might facilitate mediation meetings on your own, or you might rely on a third-party organization that specializes in dispute resolution or even consult with a lawyer. As the human relations manager, you would evaluate and hire these external specialists.


An important part of your job as a human relations manager is ensuring that people around your company know about policies and procedures. To do this, your department would oversee a communications program to keep others informed.


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