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Cosmetology Requirements in Ireland

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Cosmetologists provide services to people who want to look polished, glamorous and stylish. These professionals give facials, apply makeup, remove unwanted body hair and perform manicures and pedicures. Beauty salons usually set the minimum requirements for their cosmetologists. However, before you can practice cosmetology in Ireland, you have to prove you have the expertise to meet your clients' needs.


Beauty salons won't hire applicants with no experience in cosmetology and clients won't like to try their luck with someone unpracticed. So, some level of training is required. However, there is no standard or specific set of requirements for becoming a cosmetologist.

Several prestigious cosmetology courses are located in Ireland, including the Coogan-Bergin Clinic and College of Beauty Therapy, the Bronwyn Conway Beauty Schools and the Portlaoise College of Beauty. All three institutions are accredited by CIDESCO, or the Comite International D’Esthetique De Costmetologie. They offer a variety of training programs in different aspects of cosmetology, such as electrolysis, hair and nails, and facials. Some are single-course programs in a specific subject that last one semester. Others offer general training and certification as a beautician or body therapist. Comprehensive cosmetology programs usually take one academic year to complete. They include textbook-based and practical hands-on training.

Additional Experience

If you desire additional training after graduation, or wish to gain an additional skill set in the field, such as ear candling or massage, most cosmetology schools offer postgraduate courses for working professionals.

Running a Salon

After completing your training in cosmetology, you may wish to operate your own salon. In that case, you'll need to know the regulations for running a beauty salon as well as the business and management aspects of salon operation. You may take courses in how to run a salon that will provide you with the knowledge and training you'll need.

The Irish Educational Training Centre, for example, offers a course in how to run a beauty salon. This is a six-session course. It teaches the skills necessary to start and operate a new salon. At the end of the course, students take an examination and receive a diploma if they achieve a passing grade.

Health Codes

If you operate your own salon, you'll need to know Ireland's relevant health regulations. Regulations may vary by region. Generally, you'll need to register with local authorities. Cosmetology requirements depend on the services you offer. For example, if you offer ear piercing or electrolysis, you must register with the local environmental health department. In Northern Ireland, if you offer Class 4 laser treatment, you must register with the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority. In the case of potentially hazardous substances, such as nail polish remover, you and your staff must understand and comply with Ireland's Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations as well.


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