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Barangay Secretary Duties

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Barangay is the basic local government or political unit in the Philippines. The barangay secretary handles administrative functions in a barangay. A barangay chairman is in charge of appointing the barangay secretary. A person of legal age, who is at least a high school graduate in a Philippine-recognized school and a qualified voter and an actual resident of the barangay, has an equal chance for an appointment as the barangay secretary.

Clerical Functions

The barangay secretary mostly does the office work in the barangay hall. He keeps and maintains all records and documents of the barangay. Any requests made from the barangay regarding certifications, endorsements and other forms are the responsibility of the secretary. He likewise takes minutes of all the meetings of the assembly. He records all proceedings that take place in the hall such as grievances and disputes. He prepares the assembly minutes and posts it in conspicuous places within the barangay. He provides administrative support to all barangay officers.

Civil Registrar Duties

The secretary maintains an updated record of all the residents of the barangay. She must have the following information at hand: name, address, place and date of birth, sex, civil status, citizenship and occupation. The secretary may also keep other personal information of the barangay’s residents as long as the law allows her to. She also assists the municipal civil registrar in birth, death and marriage registrations within the unit. She submits a monthly report on registered births, deaths and marriages of the barangay, as well as the annual number of residents with their respective local civil registrars.

Electoral Responsibilities

Since the secretary keeps a record of all the inhabitants of the barangay, he is a big help during an election period. He assists in the preparation of forms during the election period. He also promotes and supports initiatives, campaigns regarding election, referenda or plebiscites in coordination with the Commission on Elections. He helps in maintaining the peace and order during election period, whether it involves national or local elections.

Other Duties

Like with the other barangay officials, the secretary assists the barangay chairman in implementing his duties and responsibilities. She is also responsible for keeping the peace, public order and safety in the community. She works hand in hand with the different barangay officials in initiating and implementing various local projects. These projects may involve health care, social work, public works, education and entrepreneurial initiatives. She also helps in regulating the use of barangay facilities such as the use of multi-purpose halls and sports equipment owned by the unit. She also exercises other functions as mandated by law.


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