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What Are the Duties of a City Mayor?

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The mayor is responsible for a wide range of functions in the city government. Regardless of how large or small the city may be, the mayor is considered to be its leader. The mayor is in charge of handling the daily administration of the city. The success of local government hinges on the decisions he makes and how efficiently he carries out his duties.

Conserves the Peace

The mayor is in charge of keeping the peace in the city. The appointments that the mayor makes to the public safety sector will determine how successful the community will be in avoiding crime. The mayor must make sure that this sector is working to reduce crime rates.

Manages City Operations

The mayor is responsible for overseeing the operations of the city. She manages the daily operations by supervising the officials of each city department. She gets involved in the long-term planning, and makes sure that each department is working toward its goals.

Recommends Legislation

The mayor recommends legislation to the city council. He can recommend the best course of action as well as provide any information that the council may need in order to carry out the legislation.

Addresses the City

The mayor is responsible for delivering a state of the city address. This address typically occurs at least once a year. She will give the residents a progress report on the success of the city. She can inform people of the changes that have been or will be made. Her speech may also include the city's future outlook.

Signs and Vetoes Legislation

The mayor has the ability to veto and sign legislation. The mayor must be prepared to explain the veto to the city council at the time of the veto. He may also choose not to take any action on resolutions passed by the city council.


The mayor is in charge of working with city officials and administrators to complete a budget for the city. The budget must be within the limits of the city's income. The mayor must ensure that all of the funds are allocated properly to each department. The mayor should monitor and adjust the budget as needs arise within different sectors of local government. It is the mayor's job to make sure that each sector is using its funds in the most appropriate manner.

Enforces Laws

The mayor is responsible for enforcing the city's laws and ordinances. She must sign all permits, commissions and legislation. This gives the mayor legislative authority.


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