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The Career Objectives for a Project Control Specialist

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A project control specialist manages the information and workflow data within a company's project management infrastructure. These professionals generally come to a company with a bachelor's degree in a technology field or engineering, and then learn the specifics of the job by working as a member of a project team. An understanding of how human resources and technology work together to keep projects on track is the key skill of an effective project control specialist.

Operations Management

A project control specialist is a key member of the operations management team at different kinds of companies. The long-term career aspiration for a project control specialist is to move up the ladder in the management ranks until possibly becoming an operations manager or a vice president of operations. His training in getting things done while monitoring costs and resources is a great preparation for jobs in the upper levels of operations management.

Project Management

Project control specialists can enhance their careers by getting specialized training in project management. Once they have proven their ability to analyze projects and provide expertise in resource deployment, these professionals can make a big difference by taking the overall lead of projects. Technology companies particularly can draw on the strengths of project control specialists moving into the project management role, and engineering firms, construction companies and government agencies also rely on these experts to deliver successful leadership on projects. Their ability to break down complex issues and find solutions is extremely valuable at the higher levels on the project management team.

Solutions Specialist

In her role as a project control specialist, an employee develops the ability to find solutions to issues that arise during projects to which she is assigned. She manages the resources assigned to a project and has the responsibility to make sure the project is completed on schedule, on budget and with the ideal end result. Project control specialists rely on technology and the ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously to become successful at their jobs. The primary objective for someone who is good at this job is to keep the project team on task through effective management of all available information and good communication.


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