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List of Office Stationery Items

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Different supplies are necessary for working in an office. Office stationery is a common item that allows a company to promote itself and maintain correspondence with clients. Specific stationery supplies are used in many business settings that provide a clear line of communication between a company and its clients.


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Envelopes are primarily used to bill clients for a product or service. Like most businesses, the client's name and residential address will be placed within the clear window of the envelope.

Business Cards

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Business cards are another necessary stationery item. A business card typically has a company logo, along with contact information such as phone number and email address. The contact information provides prospective clients with easy access to information if they wish to inquire about a specific product or service offered by the company.

Letter Stationery

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Letter stationery with the business name or logo is also necessary for a business, and can be ordered through an office supply store. Such branding gives all outgoing letters a professional appearance. Delivery of letter stationery can take up to several weeks; therefore, it is important to maintain a steady supply at the office.



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