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Production Worker Skills

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Being a production worker who is an asset to the company that hired you means possessing a number of skills. You must be a person who knows the value of deadlines, and is able to pace yourself accordingly. You must also pay attention to safety procedures, and stay alert at all times. You are part of a team that is depending on you.

Attention to Detail

As part of a production crew, you must pay close attention to every detail. If you do not perform your part of the task strictly according to company protocols, you could cost the company in terms of materials and productivity. The company could also question allowing you to continue as a production associate if complaints from your team leaders begin to mount.


As a production team member, you must be able to not only produce quality parts, but do it quickly as well. Many companies set goals of how many pieces you must do an hour in order to stay employed. These factories base those figures on deadlines they must meet in getting products to their customers. Thus if you are a production worker who is too slow—or prone to make mistakes at higher speeds—you may be the first to go, especially when monetary conditions require adjustments to the company's labor force.

Teamwork Skills

According to the United States Department of Agriculture website, this skill is increasing in relevance. More employers are requiring people who work well with others in a collaborative environment. Employers are looking for people who see themselves as team members, and will do what any member of the team asks as it relates to the common goal of making a quality product that the employer can sell to its customers.

Tool Selection

As a production worker, you need to be able to identify the best tool—be it a hammer, screwdriver or wire pliers—that best fits a given task. This holds true even if your job primarily involves the operation of a computer. You need to know which functions, or computer programs, accomplish certain tasks in the most efficient manner.

Work Ethic/Attitude

According to the USDA website, the skill that is the most in demand is a strong work ethic. Having the right attitude towards work is essential. When you come to work on time ready to work, and willing to do the work that management assigns you without complaining—that is evidence of a positive attitude that not only will work in production, but in any other field as well.


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