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Good Objectives for Massage Therapist Resume

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Massage therapists can take their highly specialized skills to a variety of different workplaces. For the best chance to get the kind of massage therapist position you’re seeking in the type of environment you want to work in, you need to be specific about your career objectives in your resume. Learn everything you can about the needs of your preferred work environment and the patients you’ll serve—whether in a spa, hospital or sports medicine center, for example. Write your career objectives based on how you are prepared to meet those needs.

Clinical Massage Therapist

Objective: To use my skills as a clinical massage therapist to provide bodywork focused on pain relief, rehabilitation and recovery from injury for patients in a massage therapy practice, doctor’s office, chiropractor’s office, hospital, medical clinic or other medical care facility

Sports Massage Therapist

Objective: To use my massage therapy skills in effleurage, friction, vibration, percussion, wringing and acu-stretch to provide preventive and rehabilitative therapy to athletes, while collaborating with physicians, athletic trainers and others in a holistic care program

Spa Massage Therapist

Objective: To use my skills in spa modalities to enhance physical relaxation and emotional restoration through hydrotherapy, stone therapy, body wraps, aromatherapy, lymph drainage and other massage therapy treatments

Reflexology Massage Therapist

Objective: To apply my knowledge of advanced principles of hand and foot reflexology to provide both physical/structural healing and restoration of energy flow as it relates to whole-body health

Oncology Massage Therapist

Objective: To use my specialized oncology massage therapy skills and therapeutic techniques to naturally alleviate pain, nausea and fatigue in cancer patients, while collaborating closely with the oncology team and patient at all stages of cancer treatment

Cranial Sacral Massage Therapist

Objective: To provide energy healing to patients by applying my specialized knowledge of the cranial sacral system and its relationship to overall physical and emotional health and by using the specialized massage therapy modalities of light touch and perceptual skills to support the body’s natural healing process

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapist

Objective: To use my specialized knowledge of the lymphatic system as a massage therapist to help patients with edema, lymphedema and related conditions gain relief through lymphatic drainage using both superficial and deep flow techniques.


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