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Résumé Objectives for a Physical Therapy Assistant

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Whether you have years of experience as a physical therapy assistant or you are just starting your career, your résumé will be evaluated by prospective employers and reviewed for clarity. The objective part of your résumé is designed to tell employers what your career aspirations are. You can choose clear statements that are persuasive and describe why a hospital, health-care center or private practice should hire you.

Clarify Goals

Use the objective part of your résumé to highlight your level of experience. More than likely, hiring managers are looking for employees who have a specific set of skills. This is especially true for the physical therapy field. Clarify your goals for the prospective employer. Write a clear objective that describes your interest. For a physical therapy assistant objective statement, you might write, “Seeking a position in a rehabilitation center that will enable me to work with patients recovering from accidents and assist with daily range of motion.”

Highlight Knowledge

Put into words the skills you have learned throughout your career as a physical therapy assistant. If this is your first job, than focus on writing statements that specify what are interested in learning. For entry-level jobs, you could write, “Seeking a position that will allow me to utilize my academic knowledge and gain practical skills as an entry-level physical therapy assistant.” Depending on your years of experience, you level of knowledge could be intermediate, advanced or basic. If you have worked as a physical therapy assistant for more than 10 years, then your skills are considered advanced. Here is an example of how an advanced objective statement might read: “With 20 years' experience in rehabilitation therapy, I am in search of a senior physical therapy assistant position.”

Extract Job Posting Language

Although there are thousands of job postings for physical therapy assistants, it is not uncommon for posting to include some of the same verbiage. Perform a brief search of similar job postings. Examine what employers are looking for. Extract any keywords you may find. Place them throughout your résumé. Some key words related to your field might include: prosthetic, orthotic, rehab, activities of daily living, motor skills. You can craft your objective statement to include key words. You might write, “As a physical therapy assistant who has helped rehab patients back to heath, I am seeking a position…”


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