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Entry Level Air Force Enlisted Jobs

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The United States Air Force is actively recruiting for a wide variety of entry level jobs. If you have a high school diploma you can begin your career with the Air Force by completing basic training. At that time you will be able to choose a career track and begin training for your specialization. The Air Force issues specialization codes for jobs in aircrew, support services, maintenance and logistics, medical dental, legal and chaplain, finance and contracting and special investigations. To give you a better idea about the jobs behind these codes, the Air Force divides their entry level jobs into four career areas. Entry level applicants are called apprentices and starting salary for these jobs was $2,601 a month in 2010.

Mechanical Careers

The Air Force offers entry level jobs in a variety of mechanical systems, from air conditioning to vehicle maintenance. The aerospace ground equipment apprentice job includes electronics, hydraulics and refrigeration training on the latest equipment at Shepard Air Force Base. You will learn not only how to repair aerospace equipment, but how to read and interpret technical data. Explosive ordnance disposal apprentices complete training in bomb detection and disposal. You will have to prove you are highly motivated to be accepted into this program. Explosive ordnance disposal apprentices are based in either Lackland Texas or Elgin Florida.

Administrative Careers

Administrative entry level jobs in the Air Force include careers in departments that keep the Air Force running. You can specialize as an aviation resource management apprentice if you would like to be in charge of organizing the staffing and preparation of aircraft personnel. Administration careers also include band apprentice jobs, perfect for entry level applicants with musical skills who would like to play in Air Force orchestras or bands.

General Careers

The general careers division of enlisted entry level jobs for Air Force has the widest range of career opportunities, everything from dentistry to public affairs.
If you apply to become a special operations weather apprentice you will complete training in Lackland Texas in meteorology and atmospheric conditions. Only males may apply for this job. Electronic systems security assessment apprentice jobs are open to men and women. In this job you will learn how to evaluate the security of electronic safety systems and information received through sophisticated electronic systems. In this job you may need to work away from your home base at a variety of different locations for an average of 80 to 100 days a year.

Electronics Careers

Although many enlisted jobs in the Air Force require the use of technical equipment, the Air Force has a separate career path for entry level applicants with an interest in electronics. If you apply as a biomedical equipment apprentice you will learn how to install monitor and repair the medical technology used in field hospitals. This intensive training is held at Sheppard Air Force Base, where you will attend class with other apprentices from the Army, Navy, National Guard and Reserve as well as fellow Air Force enlistees.

Sensor operations apprentices learn how to read and repair the technology the Air Force uses to track the movement of planes. This training is available at a range of Air Force Base locations, including March in California, Randolph in Texas and Holloman in New Mexico.


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