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Different Kinds of Electronic Jobs

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Electronics is a field offering a broad range of career options to choose from. These can range from installation of systems, working as a drafter to being an electronics engineer. You will need to pay keen attention to detail and possess good interpersonal skills when working on a team with other professionals.

Electronics Engineering

Electronics engineers are responsible for designing, developing and conducting research on various electrical systems and their parts. You may work in a variety of industries in this role, including science, the military or commercially based business. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for this field was $89,310, with an hourly wage of $42.94. The industries with the highest pay levels included scientific research, the federal government and the aerospace industry.

Electronic Installation and Repair

Field technicians are responsible for completing routine maintenance where electronics equipment is located. Your job as a bench technician would involve working on electronic equipment at a service center that has its own repair section. Electronic installers upgrade older equipment with new devices for controlling operations and installing new systems. You may work on surveillance, security, communications and navigation systems. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that these workers earned an average hourly salary of $24.62, and an annual salary of $51,210.

Electronics Drafter

Your work as an electronics drafter will involve preparing diagrams of wiring and circuit board assemblies. You will also draw layouts that help with the making, installing and repair of different electronic parts and devices. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average hourly wage in 2009 for this field was $26.34, and the annual salary was $54,800. The top-paying industries for these workers include building contractors, aerospace manufacturing and professional and commercial equipment, and supplies merchant wholesalers.

Electronics Technician

Your job as an electronics technician involves designing, testing and building various types of electronic equipment. This equipment could be for communications, medical monitoring, navigation or computers. Your work may include testing and assessing different electronics products using diagnostic equipment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics places the average annual salary for this field at $55,410, and the average hourly pay at $26.64, as of 2009. The top-paying industries to work in include oil and gas extraction, as well as waste treatment and disposal.


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