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The Best Careers for Retired Teachers

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Teachers who want to continue working after they retire have a slew of skills that easily transfer into complementary fields. Teachers usually enjoy helping and guiding people, interests that open many possibilities for future career moves. With extensive academic credentials, teachers are ideally suited for jobs that range from corporate trainers and scientists to market researchers and business consultants.

Market Researcher

As a market research professional, you can combine two of your favorite skills -- working with people and doing research. In an entry-level position, you may ask questions for surveys in a busy shopping mall, over the phone or online. Once you gather the information, you then compile a report, analyzing your findings.

You may conduct research on competition in a certain industry or review public data for a client. Some jobs require a master’s degree, which many teachers have already, and most market research jobs require a background in math, statistics and communications.

Business Consultant

After years spent working within a school system, you’ll be uniquely qualified to provide advice to private businesses, especially those seeking contracts in the educational field. Your public speaking qualifications prepare you to make presentations to large groups, write and follow agendas in meetings and follow up with written reports.

Specialize in consulting for educators. School districts, private educational organizations and universities often rely on subcontracting consultants for advice on everything from landing or awarding contracts to creating new programs.

Scientific Researcher

Rely on your specialized background to work in a field that typically doesn't involve directly working with people. Researchers are useful for companies conducting studies, collecting data and analyzing results. With a master’s degree or doctorate, you could move into a research position with a:

• Medical laboratory • Hospital • Pharmaceutical company • Computer design company • Software publisher

If you’re already teaching at a university or college, consider moving into a research position at the same school after retiring from the classroom.

Corporate Trainer

A background in teaching is one of the most desired skill sets that companies look for in corporate trainers and development specialists, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. You may create training programs for one employer or work for a group that provides training as needed.

Online training modules are becoming increasingly popular, so your technology skills also will serve you well as a corporate trainer. You often may conduct the actual training yourself or oversee a group of instructors. Your degrees will open doors, and your networking and speaking abilities translate well into useful corporate career skills.