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What Are the Duties of Punchout Technician?

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When a construction project is nearly complete, the customer or his representative inspects the work and writes a list of concerns, such as flaws, errors or requirements that haven't been addressed. This list is called a "punch list." The person assigned to fix the problems identified on the list is often called a punchout technician.

Finishing the Finish Work

After the carpenters, painters and electricians leave a newly constructed house or other building for the last time, punchout technicians take over. Punchout technicians are responsible for repairs to newly constructed homes or commercial buildings as part of final quality control activities. After the punch list is created, the punchout technician reviews it to determine what repairs are needed. An eye for detail is important for anyone assigned to this role.


If molding, doors or wood trim work is damaged before the construction project is closed down, a punchout technician makes the needed fixes. She also repairs drywall and replace flawed, broken or missing hardware on cabinets and doors.

Electrical and Plumbing

Punchout technicians also take care of electrical and plumbing problems. This could involve correcting problems with electrical outlets or adjusting or replacing electrical fixtures. Since a building is almost ready for the owner to take possession by the time the punchout technician gets to work, punch list tasks can also include adjusting appliances that have already been installed.


After repairs have been performed on drywall and carpentry work has been completed, the last step is painting. Punchout technicians may need to paint a wall, perform minor touchup painting, or paint wood trim. Painting is typically one of the final tasks for the technician.


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