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Types of International Jobs

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If spending time waiting to catch a flight for your job is enjoyable, pursue a career that mandates traveling overseas. International careers integrate many different skills depending on the job: Some require education credentials while others need stage presence, foreign language skills or strong mediation abilities.


Many U.S. publications seek people willing to live abroad to report the news of that country. These foreign correspondents serving as news anchors or journalists. They cover the local activity and convey the news back to the publication. "The Economist," for instance, has news journalists living in several parts of the world to cover the economic and financial situation in places such as Athens, Dubai, Tokyo and London. Thus, when something monumental happens such as the Greek debt crisis, a correspondent is available to cover the story.

Performing Arts

The work of a musician can take her overseas to perform for an international audience. Musicians can be part of rock bands, orchestras and symphonies, operas or theater troupes. Many music tours allow musicians the opportunity to share their cultural heritage through their music pieces. In some cases, a musician travels solo and earns money by street performances. In large cities such as New York or Paris, hearing a street musician (sometimes called a busker) is common. Musicians typically master a few instruments and develop a unique vocal style such as jazz or punk by which they brand themselves.


Many positions in government require overseas travel, such as being a Foreign Service officer, Central Intelligence Agency agent or diplomat. The role of a Foreign Service officer is engaging in negotiations and promoting positive relations with other nations. A CIA agent performs covert operations in foreign countries to gain essential intelligence information. In all roles, government workers must promote the ideology of the current administration. Many new ambassadors, agents and diplomats start their career in locations different from their ideal choice. For example, a young Spanish-speaking diplomat may desire working in Spain, but he could begin his career in Honduras.

Working for the government in any of these capacities is a lengthy ordeal. In addition to strong academic credentials, candidates must pass thorough examinations and undergo a complete background check. According to the U.S. Department of State, candidates desiring employment as a Foreign Service officer must also submit personal narratives and take an oral assessment. The Website states applicants must be flexible and ideal preference is given to those who speak a high-demand language such as Arabic, Chinese and Hindi.


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