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Benefits of Being a Broadcasting Journalist

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A broadcast journalist researches and presents news for broadcasting on radio, television and more recently online websites. Journalists can appear on-air to present their reports. Alternatively, they can perform backroom roles that include writing news bulletins and writing scripts for news specials. Material presented or prepared by a broadcast journalist spans everything from current affairs to human interest stories, war and international politics.

Interviewing Opportunities

People and their stories are the essence of broadcast journalism. Broadcast journalists interview people from diverse cultures and careers. Interviews of celebrities and others give journalists the opportunity to meet amazing people from all walks of life. For example, a broadcast journalist could interview one of Hollywood’s top stars one day and the next day the journalist could be interviewing a mother who lost her son in a war.

No Monotony in the Job

In broadcast journalism, there can be extensive variety in the jobs performed. Investigating, interviewing, doing follow-ups, preparing and even producing stories are part of the journalism portfolio. There is so much variety in journalism because coverage includes so many different kinds of events. The long list includes government news, businesses stories, non-profit organizations, crime, fires and other tragedies, institutions, cultural events, arts and entertainment.


A broadcast journalist's job can involve covering events across the country and can also involve international travel. For example, a broadcast journalist whose job it is to cover arts and entertainment will probably get to travel across the state, reporting on significant events in the arts and entertainment industry. When following up on a story, journalists need to be prepared to travel quickly, to be the first one at the scene of the incident. Travel is a part of investigative journalism, and broadcasting live from the scene of a crime adds weight to the story.

Personal Achievement

Broadcast journalists present their stories to a wide audience and are watched by thousands or even millions of people. Being able to report on important news events can give the journalist a sense of achievement. Coming up with stories that interest the general public and create public awareness on important issues is what broadcast journalists do best. The job can bring a high level of satisfaction and achievement to people in this role.


Frank Howard has been a professional writer for more than 20 years, working with Metro Publications and Penguin Group. He is now part of the Metro Publications creative team, where he creates fictional stories for kids. Howard has a master's degree in creative writing from City University London and bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Leeds.

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