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Night Fill Duties

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A night fill worker is employed by a retail outlet to prepare the store for the upcoming day by cleaning the store, replenishing stock levels and ensuring that the shop floor is up-to-date and ready to receive customers at the beginning of trading the next day. Night fill workers are typically employed by large shops such as supermarkets, and begin their shifts after the store closes or near the end of the store’s opening hours.

Stack Shelves

One of the night fill worker’s key duties is to take recently arrived stock or stock previously held in the shop’s store room and place it in the correct position on the shop’s shelves. For this, night fill workers are usually allocated a section or department within the shop; for example, they might deal with fresh produce or with health and beauty products. Not only must the night fill worker ensure that any gaps in the shelves are filled, but she must also pay attention to the expiry dates on each item, since products with shorter expiry dates will need to be placed to the front of the shelves so that they are bought first.

Move Stock

In order to stack the shelves with products, the goods must be brought from a stock room or storage bay to the shop floor. Generally, this is done in bulk, with night fill workers moving large amounts of goods at once; as noted by the Job Seeker website, this will likely require night fill staff to move heavy loads, which could involve the operation of machinery such as lifting trucks.

Clean Up

The store must be presentable for the beginning of the next day’s trading, and so any mess, such as excess packaging or other materials, should be cleared away by the night fill staff after each aisle has been fully replenished, as noted by the Now Hiring website. In addition, the night fill workers might be asked to prepare the store for business by sweeping the floor or taking down promotional displays such as banners and cardboard signs.

Relocate Aisles

As mentioned on the Job Seeker website, a retail outlet may require its night fill staff to relocate the contents of its aisles at the end of a day, which involves the worker or a team of workers moving all of the stock in one location to a new area. The store may do this in order to promote certain items, for instance as part of a big display, or the store may simply be reshuffling its layout to accommodate increased amounts of stock in a particular area.