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Resume Objectives for Health Care Careers

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Many health care professionals include an objective on their resumes. Effective job seekers craft strong objectives that apply directly to the position and explain how they will benefit the organization. Since patient care is central to the success of any health care facility, health care professionals, particularly those in clinical fields, should emphasize their commitment to providing high-quality care.


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Health care facilities hire doctors who provide excellent patient care with a high level of expertise while keeping malpractice lawsuit rates low. Physicians should address these areas in their objectives, and reference their specialties. For example: “I am seeking a position at a level-two trauma center, where I can use five years of trauma center experience and 10 years of general surgery experience to provide the best possible surgical care to trauma victims while maintaining a clear malpractice record.”


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The ideal nurse candidate is certified, experienced and places a great emphasis on patient care. Nurses may be licensed practical nurses or registered ones. They should specify their certification in their objective, as well as the environment in which they wish to work. For example: “To use my 15 years of LPN experience in a geriatric setting, such as a nursing home or long-term care facility, to provide excellent patient care for elderly patients.”

Other Clinical Professionals

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As with doctors and nurses, patient care is the primary concern of any health care facility looking to hire physician’s assistants, lab technicians, physical therapists, patient care technicians and other clinical workers. A resume for any such position should directly illustrate the candidate’s strengths in relationship to the specific job. For example, a certified nurse assistant’s objective might be: “To use my certification and experience supporting a nursing staff to provide a level of patient care consistent with the reputation of Our City Hospital.”

Non-clinical Professionals

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In addition to noting the importance of patient care, patient access professionals, health information technology specialists, accounting staff and other non-clinical workers also should emphasize their ability to impact a facility’s bottom line. For example, a billing and coding specialist might say: “To use my education and experience to code all documents quickly and correctly the first time, speeding up bill payment and increasing the hospital’s cash flow.”