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List of Math & Science Careers

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Math and science are both great degrees if you want to be able to apply them in the real world and want a career that is directly related to your degree. Once you obtain your undergraduate degree in math or science, many career opportunities open up. The jobs offer competitive benefits, salaries and long-term promotional opportunities. If you would like to increase these factors, continue your studies to obtain a master's or Ph.D. in math or science. Postgraduate studies enhance your earning potential and lead to the career that you dream of.


A degree in biology can lead to a career as a research biologist working at a university doing research for faculty members. This allows new graduates to get published or develop their research skills. You can also become a microbiologist, who studies and researches bacteria, parasites and viruses. Science majors get careers in medicine and go on to medical school. If you enjoy working with animals, most veterinarians have science degrees with a biological focus.

Lab Technicians

Science degrees can lead to more lab-based positions as well, including lab technicians and lab managers. If you get a degree with more of a chemistry background, pharmacology is a career opportunity at a drugstore, medical supplier or testing agency.

Environmental Scientist

Since the environment is at the forefront of our global agenda, many careers are being developed to fit this new realm. An environmental science degree leads to a career as a city planner or an activist who develops new methods to reduce environmental impact. There are many jobs in environmental testing, planning and risk assessment.


If you obtain a degree in geology, you will likely find work as an oceanographer, who studies our oceans, sea levels, temperature and marine life. Careers also exist in seismology to look at the effects of natural disasters and their prevention.


People who obtain a degree in mathematics will not have as many opportunities as those who get a science degree. The most popular career in math is teaching at any grade level. People who obtain a degree in statistics become statisticians, either contracting their work out, doing research or developing new ideas and formulas. If that does not interest you, perhaps a career as a financial planner will. You assist people with their daily and long-term finances, mortgages, accounts, savings and pensions. A math degree leads to a position as an economist, who studies the trends in national and global economies, or as an accountant, who helps people with financial matters and taxes.

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