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How to Become a Health Inspector in California

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If the idea of greatly helping others by responding to the natural disasters, such as an oil spill, investigating disease or contamination problems, and helping to enforce state, federal and local regulations sounds enticing, then a job in California as a health inspector will be an exciting career for you.

Go to school for a Bachelor’s degree in a science- or health-related field. California has a wide variety of colleges and universities that offer degrees in health care. While there are a variety of health-related degrees that lend themselves to being a health inspector, some degrees, such as occupational health and safety degrees, are more preferable than others.

While you're in school, apply for internships with health inspector agencies and businesses. This will provide you with valuable work experience that will add to your resume and help you find work once you’ve completed your schooling.

Attain certification. Although certification is not required in California, it is highly preferred by local and state employers. There are many different organizations that offer certification, such as The Council on Certification of Health and the American Board of Industrial Hygiene. Most courses will require you to pass an exam before receiving certification.

Find a job in California as a health inspector. Search online for positions in government agencies and private companies or visit your local health and safety agencies to ask about positions.


In California, health inspectors earn an average of between $30,000 and $60,000 a year, depending on their training and experience.