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What Is a Health Technician?

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Health technicians help nurses and doctors deliver quality health care services to patients with various conditions. These professionals can specialize in a variety of disciplines, such as public health, behavioral health and therapeutic health. Top employers of health technicians include outpatient care centers, health agencies, physicians’ offices, general and surgical hospitals and medical and diagnostic laboratories.

Choosing Your Field

The specific duties and responsibilities of health technicians vary by area of specialization. Public health technicians inspect private and public places to protect individuals and communities from public health risks, such as cholera Behavioral health technicians provide care to patients with emotional and behavioral disorders, such as anxiety and depression. Therapeutic health technicians help licensed therapists to design and administer treatments to patients with physical disabilities and technicians. Mental health technicians care for emotionally disturbed and mentally impaired patients, often in mental health clinics and psychiatric hospitals.

Qualifying for Employment

Health technicians commonly have associate or bachelor’s degrees in a field relevant to their disciplines of focus. For example, public health technicians hold degrees in public health, while mental health technicians hold degrees in mental health technology or counseling. Although standards of practice vary by state, health technicians typically need to obtain licenses or certification from the relevant health department. In 2013, all health technologists and technicians earned an average salary of $44,960, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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