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Entry-Level Oil Jobs

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Entry-level oil jobs can be more than just working on an oil rig or drilling for oil. Jobs that require little or no experience can be found in all the operations of the oil industry. An individual with only a high school diploma can work as a roughneck or roustabout, or in the kitchen as a cook. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these positions have an average hourly starting wage of $15.58 as of 2010.

Entry-Level Roustabout

A roustabout is an entry-level job that requires little or no experience to begin working in the oil industry. This position is where most oil rig workers begin. The duties and responsibilities of a roustabout vary from oil rig to oil rig, but there are some basic tasks that all roustabouts perform. Roustabouts are basically the general laborers of the drilling crew. They are required to keep the platform or oil drilling deck clean of all tools, dig ditches, assemble components of the rig, tear down and erect rigs at new locations and perform an assortment of other general labor duties. The main purpose of a roustabout is to do everything necessary to allow the drilling crew to concentrate on just drilling.

Entry-Level Pipeline Worker

The oil industry has entry-level jobs on the oil pipeline crews. A pipe-liner worker does general maintenance on the line, such as removing rust, painting the pipeline and cutting brush and overgrowth from around the pipeline. A pipeline walker is an entry-level worker who inspects the line for leaks, makes minor repairs and ensures there are no major pipeline problems. Both of these positions are performed in the field and require the worker to be away from home for long periods of time.

Entry-Level Oil Well Service Operators Helper

An oil well service operator tears down the oil rig and loads it onto a truck so the rig can be moved to new locations. The oil well service operator also mixes cement, assembles pump accessories and helps the well service operator blend chemical solutions that are used during the drilling process. This job requires no previous experience and requires the worker to be away from home for long durations of time. The person who performs this job will also be required to travel extensively.