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How Does One Go About Getting Into Demolition?

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Demolition is a field that is becoming increasingly important as land to build on is decreasing. This means that old buildings must be demolished to make way for new ones. For those thinking about getting into this field, the requirements aren't as high as you may think.


Entering the field as a potential demolition worker does not require much education. Classes you should focus on in high school include math, science and electronics. If you do wish to pursue higher education, degrees in engineering are recommended. These include civil, transportation and highway or even demolition engineering if it is offered. This higher education could help you advance much quicker.

Finding the Job

Most jobs in the demolition field are typically contract positions. This means that you will work that one job and move on to another. Joining a local union will help you find work quickly in your area. If there are local demolition companies in your area, you can also seek to get hired to a permanent position with one of them.

Advancement Opportunities

Advancing in the demolition field is based mostly on actual experience on the job. Starting off, you may be used to place the charges, being what is called a blaster. This includes digging, drilling and wiring the fuses. As you progress, you can learn to use advanced equipment or actually detonate the explosives. Experienced blasters can teach newer people the basics of the job. Some blasters even end up establishing their own demolition companies.


Those just starting off in the demolition field can expect to earn somewhere in the mid $30,000s. This can vary greatly based on where you live, union negotiations and your experience. Expect to work a 40-hour week and also some overtime. Given the dangerous nature of the work, you must decide if this compensation is worth it for you.


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