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Safe Ways to Make Money Online

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

If you are a stay at home mom or an unemployed dad, you might need some spare cash. Safe ways to make money online can help you pay for rent and perhaps afford a few luxury items too. Proceed with all endeavors with caution to avoid scams; you should profit from these methods and not lose money.


Developing a freelance writing career can be lucrative if you have creative ideas and enjoy structuring them into well written, marketable articles. Demand Studios, for instance, pays around $15 per article that you write, and it pays twice a week to your PayPal account. Some writers use it as their full-time job and write forty or more articles each week. Even if you only write for a couple of hours each day, you can earn enough to afford a date night and babysitter. To be accepted as a writer, you must have a strong writing sample that does not have grammatical errors.

Reselling Electronics

Finding electronics from the classifieds postings on Craigslist can be profitable if you know how to negotiation to pay less. People on Craigslist are usually okay with selling their items for lower that the listed price because they are eager for quick cash. Always ask a seller if they might accept $5 to $20 less for an item. They might try to talk the price back up; if they don't, you can make a bigger profit. You can typically turn around and sell the item on eBay for more than you bought it for. If you are willing to drive and meet with strangers to buy electronics, this is a decent method to make money. Be careful and safe; you never know what people's motives truly are on Craigslist. Insist on meeting them in public places to view their electronics before negotiating.


Consider placing an advertisement banner from an affiliate network, a company that provides online advertising, on your website or blog to earn some extra spending money. There are various payment methods for online advertisements. The first, Pay Per Click, means that some companies may pay you for each click that your website gets if you sign up to have their logo placed on a banner. The second, Pay Per Impression means that your payment correlates to the amount of advertisement banners that are on your website. The third, Pay Per Sale or Lead is payment based on the amount of people who click on a banner and purchase a service. To sign up for an affiliate network program, you must own your own domain and place the HTML code on it (see references 2).