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Air Duct Cleaning Licensing Requirements for Florida

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For a contractor to become licensed to clean air ducts in Florida, he must contact Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation to satisfy HVAC Class A requirements. The initial license costs $249 if applying from May 1 of an even-numbered year to August 31 of an odd-numbered year. The license fee is $149 if applying from Sept. 1 of an odd-numbered year to April 30 of an even-numbered year.

Personal Requirements

HVAC Class A contractors must be at least 18 years old, have a positive net worth, adequate credit and be able to pass a criminal background check. In addition to the actual cost of the license, contractors must also pay $56.25 to process electronic fingerprints.

Required Examinations

Licensed air duct cleaners must pass both the Florida Business and Finance exam and the Florida HVAC Class A exam.

Insurance Requirements

Licensed HVAC Class A contractors must have general liability insurance with minimum amounts of $100,000 for bodily injury and $25,000 for property damage. These contractors are also required to carry workman’s compensation insurance or an exemption certificate.

Work Requirements

To become a licensed Class A HVAC contractor, an applicant must be able to demonstrate four years of trade experience with at least one of those years working in a supervisory capacity. Three years of college credit may be substituted for work experience.

Education Requirements

Education requirements vary depending upon work experience and levels of training. Applicants with an already active certified Florida contractor's license may automatically apply for another without any further educational proofs. For first-time applicants, a four-year college degree and one year of work experience may be necessary. One year work experience as a foreman coupled with at least three years of college credits is sufficient as well as one year as a workman with one year of foreman experience coupled with two years of college credits. Another educational option is two years of workman experience, one year of foreman experience and one year of college credits.

Continuing Education Requirements

Florida also requires that licensed air duct cleaners receive 14 hours of board approved continuing education every two years before license renewal for both certified and registered contractors.


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