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How do I Get a Class C Water License in Florida?

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The Florida Operator Certification Program is designed for public health and safety, to protect the environment and to help conserve Florida’s water resources, according to the State of Florida Operator Certification Program Handbook. An applicant for a class C water license must pass educational and examination standards, plus work in the industry, before applying for the license.

Complete a class approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) in water or wastewater treatment. Approved courses are available through the California State University in Sacramento and the University of Florida Distance Education Department.

Apply to take the state exam, after completing your coursework, at the Water and Domestic Wastewater Operator Certification Program website. You will need a 2-by-2 original photo, either in color or black and white, certification showing completion of FDEP coursework, documentation of your high school diploma or GED and the 2010 application fee of $100.

Pass the state exam and receive your certificate that says that you passed.

Apply for work at a treatment plant and get 2,080 hours of experience. Obtain a letter verifying the employment. The letter must show: Start and end dates of employment Hours worked per week Name of the plant Overtime hours (if any) Name and title of the person who will be signing, printed Signature of the FDEP licensed operator who is verifying your experience Date Phone number

Apply at the Water and Domestic Wastewater Operator Certification Program website for your class C water license. Be prepared to provide the employment verification letter and the 2010 fee of $100.


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