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List of Unique Jobs

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Not everyone is cut out for the typical 9-to-5 gig. There are many unique, strange, or just plain weird jobs out there to be had. Some jobs are both interesting and lucrative, like a flavorist, while others are perfect for a short-term adventure, like a stint as a "saltwater cowboy," also known as a yacht crew member.


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To become a flavorist you should have a background in chemistry and a keen sense of taste and smell. This group of professionals works with chemicals to recognize and reproduce flavors for perfume, candy, and food manufacturers. According to, "There are probably fewer than 500 full-time flavorists in the country now and an equal number worldwide. A trainee may start out at around $50,000 a year, but a seasoned professional flavorist could make from $200,000 to $250,000 a year."


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No, we’re not talking about sneaker criminals who break into bank accounts. Legal hackers go by other names such as white-hats, penetration testers, and ethical hackers. This profession involves tasks like talking your way into secure buildings, exploiting holes in the Internet, or finding gaps in a company’s internal security structure. A survey by the Computer Security Institute revealed that in 2006 organizations reported $52.5 million in losses because of computer security breaches. To avoid such breaches, companies have to hire their own friendly hackers.

Yacht Crew Member

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In her article titled, “How to Become a Saltwater Cowboy”, Claire Rogers gives some details about the exciting but difficult life of a crew member hired on to a personal yacht. The drawbacks include the very physical labor, oftentimes small salary, and infrequent work. However, the perks of this on-again-off-again profession are beautiful ocean sunsets, fresh fish, local fruit, and adventures with others that are just eccentric enough to sail the oceans for weeks at a time.

Drama Therapist

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This profession takes the phrase “acting out” to a completely new level. New York University's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, which offers a master’s degree program for the field, describes drama therapy as “the intentional use of theater techniques to facilitate personal growth and promote health, thus treating individuals with a range of mental health, cognitive and developmental disorders.” Some of the methods of drama therapy include psychodrama, role method, and developmental transformations all of which are geared toward bringing a patient closer to mental well being.