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Fast Training for Good Careers

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Do you ever think about a job with greater earning potential and more satisfaction? Even in an economic downturn, there are still many jobs in high demand. Some jobs require you to go back to school for a graduate degree or specialized training, but many require far less training time. If you are like thousands of other people, you may be looking for a field with fast training so you can get back in the job market quickly. Information technology, health care and construction are fields which you can quickly be trained in for a well-paying, long-lasting career.

Information Technology

If you are looking to train in a field quickly, consider information technology. IT work is a diverse branch of engineering that encompasses working with computers and telecommunications. People who enjoy working on computers and helping businesses and individuals may enjoy IT work. Training is fast, and it's possible to be trained in information technology through an online program or at a local technical college. To begin work in information technology, you will need to complete a certificate program. However, some programs you can complete over the course of several months and be ready to jump into an expanding field quickly. In some cases, you can complete IT training while already working.

Health Care

Health care is another field that is adding new jobs all the time. There are many jobs in health care people can do quickly after a brief training period. If you like working with the eldery, becoming a home health aid is a possibility. You can work with people in their homes, at hospitals or in residential facilities. Training programs for home health aides usually last only a few weeks or up to a couple of months. Nursing is another field. Though the training can be slightly longer, in two or three years nurses can make over $40,000 dollars. CNAs, or certified nursing assistants can also complete training in a few months.


If you enjoy working with your hands and in people's homes, construction has a lot to offer. Construction jobs are still in relatively high demand, especially in the right field. Heating ventilation air conditioner (HVAC) installers can make over $40,000 per year. Many HVAC training and certificate programs last only few weeks and you can complete the training while working on the job. Green construction is also quickly adding jobs. In about 12 weeks, students can receive a green building certificate and be eligible to install solar panels and work building sustainable homes and building.


People who like working in a classroom or with children should consider a teaching job. In some states, a teacher can go to school for a teaching certificate while working as a full-time teacher in a classroom. Training can last from 1-2 years.