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What Jobs Are Available With an MSW Degree?

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

You don't have to be a social worker to use your master's degree in social work. You can help shape public policy as a researcher or data analyst for a federal agency dealing with social services. Locally, you can become a child welfare specialist for a non-profit organization. If you enjoy leadership, consider a position as the director of human resources at a private business or volunteer coordinator for a non-profit.

Consumer Advocacy Worker

If you have a passion for protecting the rights of consumers, consider becoming a consumer advocacy worker. You will research the latest state and federal laws regarding the marketing of certain products, credit card usage and regulation and debt management issues. You may also have to speak in person with consumers and discuss issues like identity theft prevention and sweepstakes scams.


If you like raising money for important social causes, consider a career in fund-raising. You can be director of a non-profit foundation for a private business. Your duties would include applying for grants, managing the fund-raising budget, holding fund-raising events and promoting the foundation's mission through media campaigns.

Community Center Manager

Community centers are important because often provide an outlet for children and economically-disadvantaged residents to obtain resources, counseling and sometimes job training. As the manager of a community center, you would work with staff to implement new outreach initiatives based on the needs of residents. For example, you may decide to offer weekend tutoring for students needing extra help with homework.