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Job Requirements for a Records Clerk for a Police Department

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A police records clerk is a police officer who works at the station and handles administrative duties that allow the station to run effectively and in an organized fashion. Clerks enter in records, organize and file these records effectively.


Police records clerks are in charge of recording police records, reports and other materials. They must also make copies of all these reports and materials, and then they distribute them to the proper personnel or agencies as requested or required. Data also need to entered and updated in the local or national law enforcement database.

Educational Requirements

Police records clerks need to understand the basic process and workings of an office, so they can efficiently keep and store records. Computer proficiency is essential, although some departments will train a candidate on specific software needs. Generally, a high school diploma or the equivalent is required.

Other Requirements

You will need the identification documents required by law, such as a current driving license, Social Security card or passport. There will be a background check which may include a polygraph and a psychological evaluation. Most departments will require a typing speed of at least 35 words per minute, as well.

People Skills

Police records clerks must also have the ability to deal with a variety of people within the police department, as well as the general public. The records clerk may be the public face of the police department, so strong interpersonal and communications skills are essential.


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