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Dance Team Building Activities

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One of the most important things for any organization or company is to have a strong team. Teamwork is vital to organizations that range from major corporations to small mom-and-pop businesses. One fun way to build teamwork is through dance activities. Dance teamwork exercises can get everyone up and moving and help bring them closer together.

Dance Lessons

To promote an atmosphere of fun, give everyone in your organization dance lessons. Have your entire company vote on the kind of dancing that everyone wants to learn. The dance that receives the majority of the votes should be the winner. Fun dances that involve two or more people include the waltz, the tango, and the mambo as well as ballroom dancing. Hire a professional dance teacher to achieve the best results. These lessons can be given once a month throughout the year and should last about an hour or two for every lesson. This will give everyone time to learn the dance successfully. Too many dance lessons might burn your employees out and actually cause less effective teamwork. Make sure dance partners are changed often so that everyone gets a chance to learn how to work with others.

Dance Exercise

Another team-building activity can involve dancing to exercise. Dance exercise serves the double benefit of helping your company get into better shape in addition to building teamwork. Hire a professional dance exercise instructor and hold weekly dance exercise routines. Emphasize to the instructor that you want dances that utilize at least two people and maybe more. Some exercise dances include line dancing and river dancing. These exercises require a great deal of coordination between dancers. Everyone who is involved learns to follow along with the instructor and fall into line. Soon, they learn teamwork skills and how to integrate these skills into their dance moves. The lessons learned here can be applied to any situation at work.

Dance Party

Another exciting way to build teamwork skills is by holding a dance party. A dance party can feature fast-paced dancing to energetic and exciting music. Ideally, this type of activity should be held once a year so that your employees don't get burned out with too many dance parties. The teamwork aspect of this activity comes from the planning. Everyone in the organization gets split up into teams that have to work together to plan and create one aspect of the party. These teams must then work together to make the party complete. For example, one team should be in charge of the music. They must find a DJ and arrange for him to come to the party. Another team should focus on decoration and another can focus on catering. Organize small dance games that focus on teamwork during the dance, such as line dancing or high-speed partner changing.


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