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Handyman License Requirements

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A handyman is often called a jack of all trades, and quite often is required to do many different types of tasks. In order to work as a handyman, however, you should get a license. This is to protect you and anyone you perform services for. In most instances, your customers will prefer a licensed handyman, and will take that into account when deciding to employ your services over someone else's. Also, most states require that anyone performing work on a residence where the cost of service and materials is above a certain amount of money must be a licensed contractor.

Determine Handyman Licensure Type

Determine the type of handyman license you want to acquire. Begin by contacting your state's board of contractors in order to make this decision. The type of license you will require will depend upon the type of work you wish to do as a handyman or what skills you already have. The board of contractors can inform you as to what testing, qualifications and fees are necessary in order to acquire a license for your given situation.

Handyman Licensing Tests

Contact your state's board of licensing and sign up for the required tests in your particular field of expertise. You will not be able to attain your handyman license until you pass these required examinations. Be sure and schedule the test dates far enough in the future that you will give yourself time to prepare for them. They will require that you prove your knowledge, not only in your field of expertise, but also in the business and legal requirements that pertain to that field.

Prepare for Handyman Testing

Register for any training seminars that will help prepare you for the licensing tests. Once again, your state's board of licensing can direct you where to find this training. The National Contractor License Service is also a good resource in finding seminars being held in your area. You may also want to study code books that apply to your particular field in order to be properly prepared before taking your licensing examination. At the successful completion of your testing, you will be given your license.