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Resident Engineer Duties

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Manufacturing, construction and engineering companies hire resident engineers to work under a project development manager in defining customer wants and needs and creating specific instructions for the engineering team. They oversee projects and are the ones responsible for a quality outcome.

Oversee Construction Projects

A resident engineer is in charge of one or more construction projects, and reports the job’s progress, actions of the workers, and the efficiency at which the job is being completed to the district engineer and the district construction engineer. They have the ability to slightly alter plans on the field, but changes or specifications or large-scale alterations must be approved by their superiors.

Stake Projects

A resident engineer must stake projects, or perform a quality insurance test to make sure that contractor-staked projects were staked correctly. Once a property has been correctly staked, a resident engineer must notify the property owner in writing that the stakes are in place.

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Quality Control

Another duty of a resident engineer is to make sure that all materials and equipment used on a project meet the required specifications. They are responsible for making sure their final product meets the specifications and quality requirements of the contract. It is their job to make sure that the product meets the exact specifications of the contract, and that all work is accurately noted and reported.

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