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A List of Careers in Sports

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Careers in the sports industry can include performing as an athlete in individual and team sports. However, there are different types of sports careers for individuals who enjoy helping athletes. Some of these careers include athletic trainers, coaches, professional scouts and sports agents. Basic qualifications for these sports careers ranges from having athletic experience to having a college degree.

Athletic Trainers

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Athletic trainers diagnose and treat acute and chronic sports injuries. Under the direction of a licensed physician, these professionals establish home exercise programs and educate athletes about using equipment. Administrative duties include updating records and meeting with athletic directors and physician practice managers. Basic qualifications for athletic trainers include a bachelor's degree with courses in physiology, anatomy and sports nutrition.


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Coaches work with amateur and professional athletes in different sports. Coaching duties include educating athletes about sports rules, discussing game strategies and monitoring athletic performance levels. Basic qualifications for coaches who work for colleges and professional sports teams include a college degree in sports management, physical education and fitness.

Professional Scouts

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Professional scouts assess the skills and potential of athletes. Scouts use multiple methods of assessment, including attending games, reviewing performance records and watching videos. Basic qualifications for professional scouts include working as former coaches and retired players. Some scouts work for professional sports teams or sports management companies, while some scouts work as freelancers.

Sports Agents

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Sports agents act as representatives for athletes and perform a variety of duties. Some of these sports agents duties include reviewing and negotiating athletic contracts, handling product endorsements and advising athletes on financial planning. Basic qualifications include an understanding of sports management, sports marketing, finance and law. Since negotiating contracts is a common duty, some sports agents have law degrees and make the transition to becoming agents.