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General In-Service Education Topics for Nursing

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Whether you are planning some upcoming in-service education for nurses or attending an in-service yourself, the following hot topics are sure to draw a lot of interest. As you develop your in-service plans, make sure you provide a variety of options for the nurses in attendance and ample time for discussion as well as breaks between sessions.

Good in-service training, in fact, can change the lives of nurses and many patients to follow.

In-Service Education Topics for Nurses

Certainly, the latest hot topic in nursing is health care. The American Journal of Nursing conference in Chicago included sessions on Nurses: Essential for Managing the Health Care Crisis as well as discussion over a variety of health-care plans and options. It is important that nurses stay up-to-date on the latest in health care. Any issues, such as H1N1 or seasonal flu updates, are also good topics to include.

Along these lines, many nurses appreciate training on special populations, such as seniors, disabled patients, children, those living with terminal illnesses, non-English speakers and more. Any education that helps them better understand their patients can make them a better nurse.

Soft Skills

In addition, many nurses are interested in enhancing their communications skills with patients, patients' families, doctors and other nurses; likewise, some nurses write for publication and need refreshers on writing and presenting a compelling message.

Further, nurses are interested in in-service education sessions that discuss personal and professional growth, everything from new job opportunities for nurses to de-stressing after a hectic day. Education that isn't exclusively focused on the nursing job can give nurses a boost in their personal skills and confidence.

The Basics

Finally, other ever-popular topics include safety for nurses, good nutrition and exercise tips and programs (for themselves and for their patients), new drugs and medicines and disease prevention.

In-service education offers a way for nurses to increase their skills, take time to refocus on their priorities and better serve patients in the long run.


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