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The Importance of Pharmacology in Nursing Education

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Nursing continues to evolve into an ever more complex health care profession. The need for pharmacology education continues to grow along with changes in the nurse's role.


Pharmacology is the study of medicine and its effect on the body. It also covers dosages and possible interactions between medications.

Nursing Ability

The importance of well-designed and comprehensive pharmacology courses during nursing education is vital for patients nurses administer medications to.

Patient Safety

The nurse's understanding of pharmacology is important in her role of educating patients about medications, dosages and possible side effects. A nurse who is not knowledgeable about pharmacology can put patients at-risk.


Nurses do not feel entirely competent or knowledgeable in the field of pharmacology, according to a study reported in the "Journal of Advanced Nursing."


Improved pharmacology education in nursing programs would lead to more confident nurses, better educated patients and improved safety in both inpatient and outpatient interactions.

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