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Kansas Master Electrician License Requirements

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The Kansas master electrician's exam is designed to test your knowledge and competency in the planning, installation and maintenance of the elements needed to supply power to lights, equipment and climate-control devices. A master electrician must know the codes that apply to working with electricity, including safety requirements. Kansas does not administer the test on a state level but delegates the responsibility to each city or county that requires a license for master electricians.


Kansas statutes provide a tiered structure for licensing electricians. You may not take the master electrician exam until you have worked as a certified journeyman for at least two years. To receive your journeyman certificate, you must have at least two years of hands-on experience during which you were supervised by a certified residential, journeyman or master electrician. You may substitute one year of experience with an educational program consisting of a minimum of 240 hours of classroom instruction and training. Documentation of experience and, if applicable, education is required to take the journeyman and master electrician tests.

Acceptable Tests

To receive certification valid in all Kansas locations, you must take the appropriate tests offered by the International Code Council or by Prometric. These are the two testing services designated by Kansas statutes. Individual cities and counties may adopt different tests for their own location, but certificates received from these exams are valid only in the city or county administering the test. Alternative tests must cover the same basic information as the state-approved versions.

Continuing Education

After receiving your license, you must continue your education. Kansas statutes require all licensees to obtain at least six hours per year or 12 hours biennially of continuing education units, or CEUs. The additional training must be relevant to maintenance, construction or Kansas codes, but at least half of the hours must be in code education. Cities, counties, community colleges, trade schools, trade associations with national recognition or other organizations accepted by the county commissioners or city council may offer the courses.

Taking the Test

Once you qualify to take the exam, contact the testing agency in your location for a schedule and additional information. Be prepared to provide written documentation of your experience, your journeyman's certificate and proof of CEUs earned since receiving your journeyman's license. The agency responsible for administering the test varies by location. For example, in Wichita, the city's Office of Central Inspection is responsible for the electrician competency tests.