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How to Join the Army Acquisition Corps

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The Army Acquisition Corps is a subset of the Army Acquisition, Logistics & Technology (AL&T) Workforce and is made up of civilian and military personnel. To join the Army Acquisition Corps, you must already be part of the Army AL&T Workforce and also currently hold a Department of the Army AT&L grade GS-13 or higher position or be tentatively selected to assume a DA Critical Acquisition Position.

Download and print the Army Acquisition Corps application, which is available on its website.

Fill out the application.

Submit, along with the application, a resume. In addition, you will need to provide proof that you either hold a baccalaureate degree at an accredited educational institution, or that you had at least 10 years experience working in a Department of Defense acquisition position or comparable position with other government agencies or in the private sector as of Oct. 1, 1991. These eligibility criteria were effective as of March 2005.

Submit, along with the application, proof that in the course of earning your degree, you took at least 24 credit hours in accounting, business finance, law, contracts, purchasing, economics, industrial management, marketing, quantitative methods and organization, and management. If you did not earn 24 credits in one of the required fields, you can still apply if you earned 24 credit hours in your career field and took 12 credit hours in one of the required disciplines or have the training equivalent to 12 credit hours in one of the required disciplines.

Submit, along with the application, proof that you have spent at least four years in an AT&L position with the Department of Defense or the same amount of time in an equivalent government or private sector position.

Submit an Acquisition Career Record Brief (ACRB). Make sure the ACRB states that you are certified at the Department of Defense AT&L Level II or above. Sign the ACRB before submitting it.

Sign and submit an Acquisition Corps Mobility Agreement or a tenure agreement if the position for which you are applying requires you to do so. The list of positions with the Acquisition Corps requiring one or both of these agreements is included on the application.

Sign and date the application.

Mail the application to the right Regional Customer Support Office for the region in which you live. The list of states that make up the Eastern and Western Regions is included on the application.