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Jobs Using a Marketing Degree & Advertising Minor

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Students who pursue a marketing degree and advertising minor learn important strategies and theories on how to communicate the value of goods or services to customers. While some individuals choose to pursue careers directly related to marketing, you can apply the skills you acquire across a broad range of fields. If you desire to major in marketing and minor in advertising, knowing some common career paths can help you establish career goals aligned to your interests.

Marketing Manager

Working as a marketing manager is a common career path for individuals with a marketing degree and advertising minor. Marketing managers monitor trends and other statistical data to determine the demand for an organization’s goods or services. They're also responsible for planning and directing a company’s marketing policies and programs. Identifying potential customers and understanding competitors’ strategies are important components of developing an effective marketing plan. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the estimated average annual wage for marketing managers in 2012 was $129,870.

Sales Manager

The primary goal of a sales manager is to direct and oversee an organization’s sales team. Specific duties of a sales manager vary depending on the type and size of the organization. Some of the broader duties of a sales manager may include directing distribution of the company’s goods and services, resolving customer complaints, preparing departmental budgets and analyzing sales statistics. Sales managers also commonly work with other managers within the company. For example, a sales manager may work closely with the warehousing manager to determine inventory needs. The 2012 average annual salary for sales managers was $119,980.

Public Relations Specialists

Public relations managers and specialists aim to create and maintain a positive public image for their clients or employer. For example, public relations specialists write and send press releases to the media, help clients effectively communicate with the public and respond to media requests. Nearly every type of organization employs public relations specialists, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to political officials and agencies. Marketing and advertising knowledge is critical because public relations specialists often review advertising and promotional programs to ensure plans align with clients' or employers' objectives. According to the BLS, $108,260 was the average annual wage for public relations managers in 2012.

Advertising Manager

The primary goal for an advertising manager is to drive consumer demand for a company’s goods or services. Most advertising managers work in advertising firms responsible for creating ad campaigns for organizations. They often act as a liaison between the hiring firm and the advertising agency. Depending on the organization, responsibilities may also include selling ad space and time to clients, negotiating advertising contracts and inspecting advertising layouts. Advertising managers typically work with other departments within the firm, such as the sales, finance and marketing departments. The 2012 estimated average salary for advertising managers was $107,060.

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