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Jobs That Involve Helping People

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Numerous opportunities exist in the workforce to assist people physically, mentally or emotionally. Simple jobs such as babysitting, mowing a lawn or shoveling a driveway may be helpful, but they aren't exactly actions that leave an impact. From rescuing a person from a burning building to teaching a child how to read, several different fields offer careers that really make a difference.

Emergency Response Roles

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Thousands of emergency responders save lives every day. Fire, rescue and emergency response operators often receive frantic phone calls from people needing help and must quickly dispatch the necessary department to the correct address. Police officers and firefighters may respond to the scene of an accident, car crash, fire, medical emergency or other situation. Paramedics usually respond as well, rushing those in critical condition to the hospital and providing life-saving services on the way.

Careers in the Medical Field

The medical field is the largest industry offering careers that consistently help people get better, stay healthy or just survive. Recession-proof options that are high in demand include doctors, surgeons, physician's assistants and registered nurses. Psychologists are also part of the medical field, dealing specifically with emotional stability and mental health. According to the Oregon Psychological Association, psychologists help people by teaching them ways to achieve happiness in their lives.

Jobs That Make House Calls

Home health aides assist the elderly, ill or disabled in the client's home. They may perform housekeeping, bathing, dressing or medication administering tasks. For people who need constant supervision, a live-in caregiver is often necessary. Caregivers are similar to long-term home health aides, although certification is typically necessary for these positions.

Additional Opportunities

Social workers help a variety of people, including elderly people requiring care, unemployed seeking jobs and children needing homes. Members of the clergy similarly look to assist those in need by offering spiritual guidance, religious education and moral counseling. The community has their complete focus, and how the members of that community are doing reflects the clergy's job performance.