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A career in international marketing can be incredibly exciting for people with a penchant for global markets and offers numerous employment opportunities. Jobs in this field are dedicated to assessing the needs of international customers and discovering market niches: The planning and execution of promoting, distributing and selling products and services to customers on an international scale. Positions in international marketing also launch products and cultivate brand awareness through creative advertising and promotion. Getting a domestic sales position with an international company can be a great way to get a start in international marketing.

International Business Development Manager

The international business development manager ranks high in the organizational structure of an international marketing department. The role is responsible for discovering global markets where a company's products or services can be introduced and for creating and executing market entry strategies. This senior position typically requires a bachelor's degree in business and at least 10 years of experience. Newer managers are likely to have a master of business administration with a specialty in international business. International business development managers are typically found in larger companies, while in smaller organizations a marketing manager or other senior executive performs their functions.

International Marketing Manager

An international marketing manager is tasked with developing global markets and managing a company's marketing activities. She typically oversees global or regional marketing programs and leads product launches. She may also be responsible for the overall marketing for specific product lines or services. Larger companies typically have divisions of responsibilities based on specific geographical or product lines. At minimum, a bachelor's degree in business is typically required, though having an MBA with a specialization in international business can help an interested applicant win this position. In the United States, a formal education in a second or third language other than English is highly desirable for this role.

Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst assesses the market opportunities for a company's products and services in specific regions. For example, an analyst might be asked to asses the market for women's leather handbags in Malaysia. The analyst researches multiple aspects to a local market and considers elements such as buyer characteristics, competitors' strengths and weaknesses and regulatory structures. In larger organizations a market research manager may oversee a group of analysts. Generally a bachelor's or master's degree in business or economics is required for this position. Furthermore, some analysts supplement their marketability for this role by becoming fluent in at least one language other than English.

International Marketing Representative

International marketing representative is an entry-level position. Individuals in this role gather information to develop and execute initiatives and strategies for global markets. The representative participates in trade shows and regularly meets with business executives, government officials and prospective partners. He often assists senior U.S. managers by organizing appointments, presentations and tours. Typically a bachelor's degree in business in required for this position, though some candidates may also hold an MBA. This position can lead to a marketing manager position.


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