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Jobs That Will Allow Me to Travel Overseas

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Many people dream of saving enough money to travel around the world on a vacation, while others fulfill their dreams of international travel by finding careers that allow, or even require, them to travel. Opportunities range from teaching to reporting and can be pursued through employers or by running your own business.

English Teacher

English is spoken all over the world, and demand is high for people to teach English as a second language. A bachelor's or master’s degree in English is helpful, although specific qualifications vary depending on what country you want to work in and the regulations and requirements of the company you work for. This is a job for adventurous and social people. You need to learn and fluently speak the native language to teach effectively. This job won't allow you to hide out in a tourist resort. You’ll have to interact with and become part of the local community.

Armed Forces

The U.S. military is a major employer that provides a variety of jobs all over the world. Combat, logistics, engineering, healthcare, administration and hospitality are some of the specialties available through the various divisions of the armed forces. Because the U.S. military has operations throughout the globe, you have a very good chance of serving overseas at some point during your tour. Each job, whether it’s working on airplane engines or guarding an embassy, has its own requirements for training, education and experience.

Foreign Correspondent

Foreign correspondents are journalists who do their reporting overseas. Reporters work directly in the field and are needed to be on hand for events of major importance around the world. Some foreign correspondents are stationed in one location, while others travel extensively. As a foreign correspondent, you will not only be responsible for researching stories, interviewing sources and writing or broadcasting stories. You might also have to take photos or video and coordinate with domestic news networks. This job requires at least a bachelor's degree, preferably in journalism or foreign affairs. Because journalism is a competitive field, you will need extensive experience to work your way up to a desirable post overseas. You also can take on freelance assignments and send in work on spec or make yourself available as needed to news organizations.


Pilots work for airlines and fly people and cargo all around the world. Pilots need extensive training and education. Many have associate's or bachelor's degrees, although this is not always required. Pilots need to obtain licenses through the Federal Aviation Administration. Training can occur in the military or through an FAA-approved training program. Pilots then take exams to be licensed and certified and must pass aptitude tests for most employers.