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Qualifications for a Radiographer in Italy

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If you are a radiographer and are thinking about making the move to Italy, it is important that you know what qualifications are needed as well as finding out how the employment laws there will affect you. Medical professionals are in demand across the globe, and qualified radiographers are often able to work overseas, including Italy, without any significant problems.

Becoming a Radiographer

Radiographers use X-rays to take view parts of the human body’s internal parts, to take pictures of these parts and to analyze what is shown on the images produced. Qualified radiographers need a specialized college degree.

Students in the United States can take a two-year or four-year degree in radiography to learn the basics, but a full medical school program specializing in radiography is needed if you wish to work at the highest level.

Working in Italy

If you already have a qualification, contact the Italian hospital you are hoping to work at to find out whether you are qualified to practice there. If you are just starting out, it is worth speaking to an Italian institution before deciding which course to take.

Essential Skills

One very important skill you will need whichever hospital you work at in Italy is a pleasant bedside manner. You must be professional at all times and be able to communicate clearly with patients of all ages and backgrounds.

Language skills are a must; you will not be able to work in an Italian hospital if you do not speak fluent Italian. An additional European language (in addition to English) or an Italian dialect is preferable in many cases. This will allow you to communicate with your fellow medical professionals and patients and to keep up to date with the latest Italian research.

Applying for a work permit

Getting a work visa for Italy can be a lengthy process. The type of visa you require depends on the region in which you are planning to work. All work permits have to be sponsored by an Italian company and the average processing time is approximately two months, so plan ahead.


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