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Job Responsibilities of a Delivery Driver

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Online and local companies can't deliver their products to consumers and businesses without delivery drivers. These professionals are employed by couriers, furniture and appliance dealers, and pizza restaurants to name a few. Some even sell packaged food or merchandise while driving their routes. As a delivery driver, you have various daily responsibilities, some customer service related and others more administrative.

Loading Packages

Delivery drivers, especially those delivering for their employers, load packages in trucks or cars. They secure items in vehicles so they don't fly around and get broken. If you deliver pizzas, you place pizza boxes in delivery bags so they stay warm for customers. When delivering appliances, furniture or packages in trucks, you arrange merchandise according to delivery times, with those being delivered earlier near the sliding or side door, and later deliveries toward the back of your truck.

Delivering Items

A delivery driver, as the title implies, delivers products and packages to residential and business customers. Drivers ensure they have the correct names and addresses of customers, and stay in contact with dispatchers for additional pickups. In this role, you might deliver packages farthest away first, and make you way back to the distribution center. Your objective is to master street grids and find the safest routes to protect vehicles and merchandise, according to "U.S. News and World Report." Whichever route you choose should be the most economical for your company.

Processing Transactions

Another key responsibility of delivery drivers is processing transactions. As a delivery professional, you obtain signatures of customers, either on paper invoices or digital devices. If processing by paper, you typically record deliveries on daily log sheets including customers' names, addresses and telephone numbers. Digital devices automate transactions by immediately sending them to headquarters or regional offices. Sales delivery drivers also collect payments from customers.

Administrative Duties

You have certain administrative duties as a delivery driver. One responsibility is training new drivers on company policies and delivery procedures so they can work independently on their own routes. You could also perform routine maintenance on your vehicle, schedule major repairs and keep it clean. It's also your responsibility to report all delays and accidents.