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How to Become a Mine Truck Driver

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Mine truck drivers can gain employment working with domestic and international mining companies. Many of the jobs require drivers to haul heavy equipment and transport coal and other materials to and from the mine. Drivers can work as contractors or as full-time employers. According to Info Mine, drivers typically work 12-hour shifts. In addition, drivers may be required to lift heavy objects. All drivers must consistently maintain safety standards especially when handling sensitive material such as toxic chemicals or electrical equipment.

Contact your motor vehicles department.

Obtain commercial driver's license study manuals.

Schedule your eye exam and written test at your local motor vehicles office.

Schedule and take your driver's test after you pass the eye and written portions of the exam.

Get additional class licenses required for the types of trucks and equipment you plan to operate.

Call or email training programs such as Civil Transport Mining (CTM). Complete the five-day dump truck training program.

Work with a program that focuses on areas such as occupational health and safety, loading and transporting materials, assessing risks, working with high walls and shutting down.

Pass required tests and get your National Occupational Health & Safety qualification certificate.

Send a cover letter, your training history, list of references and resume to local mining companies.

Schedule a meeting with the on-site supervisor.

Discuss interning with the company so that you can gain experience working as a mine truck driver.

At the end of your internship, ask the supervisor about the next steps you need to take to be hired full-time by the company.

Look through online mainstream and truck mine driver job boards such as Mining Technology, Info Mine, Indeed Jobs, Career Builder and Monster.

Create your profile, being sure to list prior truck driver experience you have.

Upload your resume into the job board database.

Set aside time each day to search the job boards until you land the job you want.

Search your local newspaper classified ads and the Yellow Pages.

Reach out to local mining companies who are seeking full-time drivers.

Speak with a human resources recruiter. Ask about job openings and types of material and trucks you would be operating.

Send a cover letter and your resume to the recruiter or post for the job over the Internet.


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