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How to Find a Job With an AAS Degree

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Graduates with an Associate in Applied Science, or AAS, degree generally plan to seek a job after graduation instead of transferring to a bachelor’s program. So, AAS programs focus on a curriculum that prepares you to walk right into your desired field. If only finding a job were that easy. Often, it takes time, patience and preparation when searching for a job right out of college.

Resume Tips

Create a resume highlighting your education. Since an AAS prepares you for the workforce, the curriculum you completed gives you the specific skills and knowledge needed for the type of job you are seeking. List all of the coursework experience and job-specific skills on your resume. For instance, if you have an AAS in accounting, list accounts payable, receivable and balancing spreadsheets as your job-related skills. Design the resume so the employer is impressed with your training and less focused on your work history. Also, ask professors if you can use them as references, and have them provide recommendations letters for you.

Ask Your College for Help

Visit the job placement office or community career center on the college campus about two months before you graduate. Since employers often contact local colleges when seeking employees, sign up early so they have your information on file. State that you are seeking an AAS degree and prefer a job that parallels your degree plan. Working while taking classes is a good way to get experience. However, employers generally only offer part-time positions, and the pay is often close to or equal to minimum wage. Ask recent graduates what route they took to find a job.

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Send out Resumes

Apply for any job that is seeking an AAS in your degree field. While the first job you get may not be your dream job, it gives you the chance to gain experience. Send resumes to companies that require an AAS even if they are not advertising current open positions. Skim online sites and local newspapers for companies hiring graduates with an AAS. If you are unable to get a job immediately, consider volunteering or working as an intern in your area of study to gain experience.


Sell your education to potential employers, since the AAS helps prepare you for employment. Your AAS degree gives you an advantage over others with no educational training. Be prepared to supply details about your college program’s curriculum and how it helped prepare you for a job. After graduating, network by contacting friends and family members who may help you locate a job. Also, visit companies who employ workers with your skills and education and talk to the human resources director. Build relationships with the current workers, such as the secretary and HR director.

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