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Interview Tips for Radiology Technologist Positions

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Radiology technologists are highly trained professionals perform diagnostic imaging examinations. As of December 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that employment in this field is expected to grow "faster than average" due to the increased use of diagnostic imaging procedures. If you are considering a career as a radiology technologist, conduct research about the industry and diligently prepare for the interview process.

Review Your Qualifications

Review your qualifications for the radiology technologist position prior to the interview process so can complete the interview with confidence. Assess your level of experience and determine if your qualifications are enough to meet the demands of the position. For example, radiology technologists are on their feet throughout the day and are often required to lift or re-position patients. Decide if your fitness and strength level is adequate enough to meet the physical requirements of the job.

Depending on the state in which you work, radiology technologists are required to be properly trained, as well as possess a license or certificate. Organizations such as the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists offer certification programs. Prior to your interview, ensure that you have the necessary credentials to perform the job or at least have an action plan that displays your intent to become certified.

Review the Job Description

The Radiology Technologist job description should give you an indication of the responsibilities required for the organization in which you are applying. Compare the job duties with your background and experiences to determine if the organization will be a good fit for you.

Research the details and duties that distinguish this organization from other organizations. Use this information in the interview and be specific regarding the details. For example, if the job description indicates you will be required to process patient charges through hospital computer systems, ask the interviewer if you will receive the necessary training to complete the duty appropriately.

If the description indicates you will work closely with radiologists, ask the interviewer what specific tasks you will be required to perform.

Reviewing the job description beforehand shows the interviewer you did your homework on the company and you are serious about the position.

Prepare Interview Questions

Prior to your interview, prepare a list of potential questions you may be asked that are relevant to the radiology technologist position. You may be asked questions such as "Tell me about a time when you had to follow a physician's orders" or "How do you handle patients who are uncooperative?" Answer the questions the way you would inside the interview and practice the answers so you can answer with ease.

Also, prepare a list of questions to ask the interviewer. Don't be afraid to bring your questions to the interview. Upon entering, ask the interviewer if it is okay to review your notes. In most cases, interviewers will gladly let you refer to your notes. Most are impressed by your level of preparation.

Take Notes

The interviewer may discuss information about the position you were previously unfamiliar with, such as work environment, work hours, salary and benefits, and advancement potential. Don't rely on your memory to recall this information. Ask the interviewer if you may take notes; most will not object and will often wait to continue so you may jot down your thoughts.