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Interview Questions for a GS-13 Logistics Management Specialist

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A GS-13 logistics management specialist gains specialized training through military experience. This training prepares him for advancement within the federal government. The GS-13 logistics management specialist maintains officer status and provides various analyses and recommendations to his superiors. The individual striving to secure a job in this capacity needs to pass the interview process first. He can expect interview questions regarding his experience, communication skills, knowledge and crisis management ability.


In order to advance in the ranks of federal service jobs, each candidate needs to move up by level. A GS-13 level needs to spend at least a year in a role equivalent to the GS-12 level before advancement. This prepares him for the responsibilities of the role GS-13. The interviewer asks questions about his experience to confirm that he spent sufficient time in the G-12 role and that he exercised her abilities at that level. He needs to share his experience in planning and executing those plans.

Written Communication

Working in federal government requires written documentation for most actions undertaken. The candidate pursuing this role needs well developed written communication skills to create reports, write policies and share information. The interviewer asks about the candidate’s communication abilities. The candidate needs to respond with specific experiences regarding her written communication. He may even bring samples of his written communication along to the interview, as long as the information is not confidential.


A logistics management specialist manages supply movement, transportation, storage and distribution. An understanding of the role of logistics management is essential for a job candidate stepping into this position. The interviewer asks questions to test the candidate’s knowledge of these functions. The candidate should respond by sharing what he knows and specific examples where he’s worked in these functions.

Crisis Management

With any federal job comes the necessity of crisis management. Logistics management requires the individual to coordinate material transfers as needed. Situations arise where the logistics management specialist needs to coordinate transferring resources immediately to a new site. The interviewer asks the candidate about crisis management and reacting quickly in order to determine how well the candidate handles this pressure. The candidate should respond by sharing examples of when he dealt with pressure.

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