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Newspaper Jobs for Kids

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A newspaper job is one of the first opportunities a young person has to work for an employer. With support and adult supervision, your child can enjoy the many newspaper job benefits including extra spending money, as well as learning valuable lessons about responsibility, scheduling, deadlines and commitment.

Newspaper Carrier

Paper routes pay less than $50 monthly to several hundred dollars or more. Variables include the number of papers on the route, delivery days and fliers included. Some paper companies pay a flat rate that includes fliers, while others pay a lower base rate plus a per-flier add-on. Often paper carriers are expected to deliver additional items along with their papers, such as door hangers or catalogs, for which they are paid extra.

Paper Route Assistant

A paper route assistant prepares the papers for delivery. Many carriers do their own prep, but a younger sibling or family friend is sometimes employed to do this job. The wage is negotiated between the carrier and the assistant. The assistant's duties may include inserting fliers into the papers, as well as counting and bagging them in preparation for delivery.