How to Get a Job Delivering Newspapers

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Whether you are looking for an after-school job or a second job to bring in some extra income, you may want to consider newspaper delivery. City deliveries can be done by foot or bicycle, depending on the size of the route, while rural deliveries typically require motorized transportation to cover the large routes.

Determine your availability before starting your search. Can you work part time, full time, evenings or weekends? Knowing your schedule beforehand will help you weed out the delivery jobs that won't fit into your schedule.

Make sure that your driver's license, registration and auto insurance are all current, if you are seeking a delivery job which includes routes to be delivered by car. While you will be responsible for carrying your own insurance, employers need to know that you are adhering to all motor vehicle rules and regulations.

Start looking for delivery jobs in the local newspapers. If you live in a very small community, you may want to seek newspaper delivery jobs in a neighboring city. Most larger city newspapers have subscribers in rural areas and surrounding small towns, and offer a wide range of routes from which to choose.

Search online job markets (Monster, Careerbuilder, etc.) for newspaper delivery jobs. If this is your first job, and you don't have a work history, it may be best to contact the potential employer by email or telephone. Explain your situation and let them know your availability and then allow them to contact you if they have a position available that fits your requirements.

Call the numbers listed in classified ads and ask to speak with the person in charge of delivery services. Make sure to use a professional tone when speaking with the person in charge of hiring. First impressions are important, no matter what the occasion. Introduce yourself and let her know which routes you would be interested in working.

Complete any required applications, and provide information about your driver's license and auto insurance. Be sure to include at least two contact phone numbers, and an email address so that you can be easily contacted should the newspaper decide to employ you.


When meeting in person, be sure to show up in appropriate clothing. Leave the ripped jeans and T-shirt at home. You don't need to wear a three-piece suit, but you can dress in a way that lets potential employers know that you are serious about working for them.


Make sure your transportation is in good working order. You won't be able to perform your job duties as expected if your car is constantly breaking down.

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